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A cheat note for foreign guests: emergency phrase book for staying in Ekaterinburg

"Where are felt boots sold?" And other helpful phrases for the newcomers

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Sometimes we want to find common language so much!

Sometimes we want to find common language so much!

Every year thousands of tourists from all over the world are coming to Ekaterinburg. The Ural capital is ready for the massive arrival of people from different countries: for example, nameplates of public transport stops and menus in restaurants are translated. But we understand that it still might be difficult to get around in an unknown city. That is why E1.RU has prepared a series of materials for guests.

За перевод мы благодарим партнера проекта — лингвистический центр «Талисман».

In 2018 thousands of soccer fans from all over the world visited Ekaterinburg for the football World Cup. Ekaterinburg had been preparing for a long time for the arrival of fans. The roads was repaired, facades of buildings was renovated, benches were placed in boulevards ... Employees of hotels and restaurants did not hang behind - they learned English, so as to answer the questions of foreign customers, such as "where is the light switch in the room?" or "what is this strange substance in my plate?"

Alas, not all locals have succeeded in learning foreign languages. If you're lucky, you might stumble upon a passer-by who has traveled all over Europe and easily quotes Shakespeare in the original. However, the majority are only able to pronounce "hello" and "made in China". Use our phrase book to chat with them and get the information you need.

Фото: Дмитрий ГОРЧАКОВ / E1.RU
Инфографика: Анна РЫБАКОВА / E1.RU

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