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Город World Cup 2018 инструкция A cheat note for foreign guests: where to find a free toilet in Ekaterinburg

A cheat note for foreign guests: where to find a free toilet in Ekaterinburg

We answer uncomfortable questions from visitors before they appear

The most necessary room!

Every year thousands of tourists from all over the world are coming to Ekaterinburg. The Ural capital is ready for the massive arrival of people from different countries: for example, nameplates of public transport stops and menus in restaurants are translated. But we understand that it still might be difficult to get around in an unknown city. That is why E1.RU has prepared a series of materials for guests.

From our "Cheat note” the readers will find out how to easily get to the downtown from the airport for a reasonable prize, where to find souvenirs, in which cafe there is Chinese cuisine and which places in Yekaterinburg are a must. The "Cheat note” will be interesting for the locals as well. For some it will help to look at the city from a new angle, for others to know where to take their guests.

За перевод мы благодарим партнера проекта — лингвистический центр «Талисман».

Every country, every city has something of its own, you won’t find it in guidebooks. But the toilet theme is important for everyone without exceptions! Where can a new-comer find a toilet if he walks along the streets for the first time? Is it possible without embarrassment to take advantage of the amenities in the cafe, or should one look for a special identification sign on the street? It is awkward to ask Passers-by, ignore the need - even worse. Our cheat note will come to help the guest of Ekaterinburg.

Once there were a lot of street toilets in the center of Yekaterinburg. They were in busy streets and were clearly visible: it was easy to identify them by signs on the signboard and the specific smell that was around. Probably, because of this, the toilets started to disappear from the streets of the city. Now it is rare to find a lonely standing booth with the inscription "Toilet" on the signboard.

But cafes, canteens and fast food establishments in Yekaterinburg continue to multiply. And in most of them the guest can quietly get to a special room, even if he has not ordered anything. Of course, there are exceptions to the rules: in some cafes, an exhausted traveler will be asked to show the check. Or even pay for the entrance. How are things going in the city center?

Toilet map of the city

The 1905 Square

Toilets are in the shopping centers "Uspensky" and "Passage", in a cafe on Weiner Street.

On the ground floor of the administration building there is also a toilet, entrance is free. It's not very comfortable, but clean.


Actually there is not a single toilet on Plotinka. The nearest one is in Cosmos on Pushkin Street, but only customers are allowed here.

A little further - KFC and other fast food establishments at the intersection of Lenin Avenue and Tolmachyov Street. A little further on Tolmachev St, opposite the monument to the inventor of radio Alexander Popov, there is a yellow building with the inscription "Toilet". It should not deceive you, the doors are always closed.

Embankment near Gorky Street

The toilet for visitors of a street cafe is in the depths of the alley. The key will be given for 20 rubles.

Literature quarters

There is a toilet in Reshetnikov museum. You can try your luck in other cultural institutions.

In the cinema "Cosmos" there is a cafe"Cosmos". There you can slip into the toilet unnoticed.

In the Temple-on-the-Blood the toilet is beautiful, and is available for a visit for anyone. Though, women still need to go to the temple with a covered head, and men, on the contrary, to take off their hats.

Karl Liebknecht Street

There are some toilets in the cafe and the shopping center "Willpower". The Metenkov Museum will also save the traveler, and you will not have to pay for the ticket. Though, it isn’t nice there.

Krasnoarmeyskaya Street

In the business center "Antey" the toilet is on the first floor. Available to everyone, so be prepared for the queue.

Malyshev Street

It will be necessary to focus only on cafes, restaurants and shopping centers.

Travel Advice

Once in the center of Yekaterinburg, do not worry that the need will take you by surprise - there are many cafes and shopping centers with clear signs of the cherished room. But there are almost no separate toilets anywhere, so don’t even bother to look for them.

It's quite another matter if you find yourself in a residential area. The situation with eating places there is much worse, because people who live here, as a rule, work in the city center. Thus they move around the area quite fast - to visit, shop, on business. Therefore, when going to Uralmash or Khimmash, look in advance at the map of the city and notice where there are fast food restaurants of public buildings (for example, the area administration building). You can also use a restroom at a local “culture club”.

Фото: Артём УСТЮЖАНИН / E1.RU

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