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Спорт World Cup 2018 инструкция A cheat note for guests of the World Cup 2018: learn how to behave in the stadium

A cheat note for guests of the World Cup 2018: learn how to behave in the stadium

Can I bring sandwiches? Approach the field? Now we will clarify the rules of the World Cup

Don't climb the fences!

In 2018 thousands of soccer fans from all over the world are coming to Ekaterinburg for the soccer World Cup. The Ural capital is getting ready for the massive arrival of people from different countries: nameplates of public transport stops and menus in restaurants are being translated. But it is still might be difficult to get around in an unknown city. That is why E1.RU prepared a series of materials for guests.

За перевод мы благодарим партнера проекта — лингвистический центр «Талисман».

Getting to the World Cup requires a lot of effort. Waiting for the start of sales, spending a lot of money on the ticket, getting a fan passport... So it would be painstaking to unintentionally violate the rules of FIFA and get kicked out of a match and not being able to see the finals. The hardworking organizers have drawn up a long list of prohibitions. Readers of E1.RU won't have to study the documents, it will be enough to just have a look at our pictures.

How to get to the stadium?

The main thing that you need to take with you to the match is a ticket and a fan passport (FAN ID). The organizers recommend to come well in advance so as not to get stuck in the queue. Ardent football fans will not be bored: sponsors will entertain the audience before each game.

At the entrance everybody will be inspected. You can go to the stadium not earlier than three hours before the start of the regular match and four hours before the opening match and the final. You will need to get a pass to park your car.

How not to run into trouble?

Do not take other people's places, do not make unnecessary noise or otherwise shout, do not mind inspections of your car. Hand over large and forbidden objects to the storage room. Behave politely and respectfully, and guards won't have to make you leave.

Briefly about behavior rules at the World Cup.

It goes without saying, that you must not damage buildings, property, trees and bushes, start a fire, take drugs, litter and fight. To put it briefly, the rules at the World Cup 2018 are the same as in any other public venues.

Don't hide your face

FIFA has compiled a long list of items that can not be carried into the stadium.

Some restrictions are also made for disabled people. Their strollers or electric scooters should not be wider than 700 mm and no longer than 1300 mm, and the speed of these means should not exceed 6 km / h. If the wheelchair is wider than necessary, or it has a cruising function, its owner will not be allowed to the stadium.

Don't show any trademarks

What if you violate the rules?

Offensive banners, sale of food and other violations — fine RUB 3000–10 000 / compulsory work up to 160 hours / ban from attending further matches from six months up to 3 years.

Disrespectful drunk behavior — a fine of RUB 500–1500 / arrest for up to 15 days.

Smoking on the grand stand — a fine of RUB 500–1500.

Swearing, damaging someone else's property — a fine of RUB 500–1000 rubles / arrest for up to 15 days.

Criminal liability

A serious violation of public order with the use of weapons / based on political, ideological, national or religious hatred / on public transport - a fine of RUB 300,000-500,000 / 2-3 years’ wages / compulsory work up to 480 hours / community work for 1- 2 years / forced labor up to 5 years / imprisonment up to 5 years.

Don't offend people!

Фото: Артём УСТЮЖАНИН / E1.RU
Инфографика: Анна РЫБАКОВА / E1.RU

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